We are always open, honest, and direct

We never believe in beating around the bush, or diverting questions when asked. We believe that when you are open, honest, and direct that our patients, our employees and our vendors will appreciate our candor.

We maintain a "solution focused" approach in our work environment

We assume personal responsibility for addressing issues with our patients and ourselves, refusing to passively complain about the status quo. We show enthusiasm, dedication, and resilience in our day-to-day work, maintaining a positive and constructive approach even during difficult and stressful times

We exhibit a passion for results and impact

We exhibit a passion for making a difference in all our endeavors, and look for opportunities to “go the extra mile” when it will have an impact. Everyone (all employees) must do what it takes to make sure we make an impact to our patients and our surrounding. Only then can we establish something special between us and our patients to create lasting relationships.

We maintain to the possibility that we may be wrong

We encourage differences in each others’ opinions. And, we are open to the possibility that our beliefs may be wrong and we should apologize when needed.

We hold a collaborative team attitude to the work environment

We believe our success if due to collaboration. When we all work together effectively, then we succeed as an individual and as an organization

We always make the job enjoyable for everyone (including ourselves)

We enjoy our job and make it enjoyable for others; we never take ourselves too seriously. Our enjoyment shows to people we work with and to our patients

We comply with ethical, moral, and strong professional standard

We work together and comply completely with the full set of professional standards. Integrity and character are vital aspects of our business.

We display professionalism in our work environment

We display an image appropriate to a professional services firm in manner, dress, communication, and style; handling all situations in a mature fashion

We believe in leading by example

We put ourselves in a mindset in getting work done and hope people will follow the path. This inspires each of us to achieve the highest level.