Partner with us

Many of our affiliated dentists chose us because of the professional services and support we provide. Our affiliated dentists enjoy being able to focus on patient care again, and not having to be as heavily involved in the business side of running a dental practice. One of the greatest benefits we provide our dentists is the gift of time. Here are some of the services BDP provides its affiliated practices:

Consultation & Business Research

We collaborate closely with our affiliated dentists and partners to provide business insights and guidance on best practices gleaned through years of experience working with all types of dental practices.

Insurance Plan/Payor Research & Negotiations

Through our many high-level industry relationships and years of expertise, we work aggressively and directly with dental plan providers on behalf of our affiliated dentists.

Accounting & Payroll

We handle all the administrative things you don’t want to: payroll, accounts payable, bank reconciliations and more.

Information Technology

We have invested substantial time, effort, and money to develop world-class information technology systems.

Insurance Billing

Being able to provide patients with accurate billing and insurance claims increases patient satisfaction and gives you peace of mind.

Operations Management

While you focus on your patients, our team of highly-trained operational directors will provide the non-clinical leadership and customer service needed to drive success.


From building brand recognition to increasing treatment acceptance, our marketing experts are dedicated to helping your practice attract new patients and keep them coming back. You’ll have a dedicated team working closely with you to develop and execute strategic growth plans unique for your practice.

Purchasing Power

Our purchase volume allows us to get economies of scale. We negotiate contracts with the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure affiliated practices have access to the highest-quality materials at significant discounts.